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28 june 2022

In June, we had a visit from Euronews to do a short news item on our Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine project “Food Screening EMR”. Several members of our department contributed to the report as did our partners from Hasselt University Yookr and Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo.

The project is a collaboration between said partners and University of Liège RWTH Aachen University ZUMOLab GmbH and Nunhems Netherlands B.V. The project, focuses on improving the competitiveness of the euregional agrifood industry by e.g. implementing sensor technology. The vitamin sensor mentioned in this news item is an important focus point of the research component of the project.

Funding of the project by European Union Provincie Limburg Land NRW and Région wallonne is greatly appreciated!

Bart van Grinsven John van Helden Kasper Eersels Joseph Lowdon Max Vogel Ronald Thoelen Jean-Michel Redouté Sven Ingebrandt Alie de Boer Carmen Padilla Díaz, PhD Jan van den Berg Jara van den Bogaerde, MSc Stefanie Kriescher.

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