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Article related to Food Claims

Published by: Belen Beltramo, Aalt Bast, Hanne Diliën, Alie de Boer

Food labels like nutrition information, front-of-package labels (FOPL), and claims are a hot topic nowadays. Most of these are found in (ultra)processed foods and beverages; however fruits and vegetables being incredibly nutrient-dense foods, qualify for bearing nutrition and health claims. In the European region, national Food Composition Databases (FCDBs) offer user-friendly and inexpensive sources of nutrition data for food labelling.

While the data is there, the European market of fresh items knows little boundaries and in most markets you find produce from a combination of countries. While this is essential for access and availability of good quality produce, it presents as a difficulty when establishing the nutrient composition of particular items.

In the Food Screening EMR project, we are looking at this gap in the research and came up with specific questions:

✔ What is the quality of the data we currently have?
✔ What is the comparability of FCDBs in neighbouring countries?
✔ Would compositional differences result in practical differences when supporting nutrition and health claims?

Read the latest publication in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis to find the answers to these questions: